Covering Sacramento Auto Glass Repair with Vehicle Insurance

Windshields that are broken, chipped or cracked are some of the most common vehicle repairs. Anything from falling tree branches to animals and vandalism can damage the windshield to the point of making your car unsafe to drive. Before contacting a mobile windshield repair company, check to see if this service is part of your comprehensive car insurance coverage.

Understanding Sacramento Auto Glass Repair Coverage

If something other than a collision causes damage to your windshield, you most likely can pay for the repair by using the comprehensive portion of your insurance. However, this is an optional coverage that providers offer. Not having comprehensive coverage means you will have to pay out-of-pocket.

Another factor to consider is the amount of your deductible. It is not worth filing a claims with a deductible that is higher than the cost of the repair. Before filing a claim, compare the size of your deductible with the cost of repairing the glass.

One exception is if your insurance company has a policy that allows Sacramento auto glass repair without using your deductible. You might pay more for this addition, but you will save on the deductible.

Glass Damage Could Impact Your Premium

When the cost to repair your windshield only exceeds the deductible by a small amount, you could simply pay for the repair, if you can afford it. Saving $25 or $30, instead of contacting a mobile windshield repair company, might not be worth filing a claim. Some insurance companies may increase your monthly premium by double that amount annually. Too many claims on your insurance record increases your perceived risk.

In some instances, filing an insurance claim for damage to your windshield that does not involve a collision could cause your premium to increase. This varies by car insurance companies, so it is best to be familiar with the provisions of your policy.

Submitting Your Claim

File a Sacramento auto glass repair claim as soon as possible with your car insurance company if you decide it is worth it financially. Depending on the insurance provider, you have the option to do this:

• By phone
• By submitting an online or mobile application
• In person

Even if you begin the process electronically, you may still need to have your car inspected before being approved for the repair. Some insurance companies allow you to submit a claim for reimbursement after you pay for the repair. Once approved, your next step is to get the windshield fixed.

You may choose a repair shop that has a contract with your insurance company. Another option is to choose your own repair shop.

If you decide to choose your own, be sure to choose a reputable one like Windshield Pros North. Not only will you get certified technicians, but they also offer mobile windshield repair services that is convenient and safe.