Rancho Cordova Windshield Replacement Experts Accept Insurance

Windshield Pros North is an approved and recommended windshield replacement provider for all major insurance companies. Our expert staff will handle your insurance claim, including all necessary paperwork, making filing a claim quick and easy for you.At Windshield Pros North, we have the Rancho Cordova windshield replacement experts to get you back on the road!

Insurance Accepted By Rancho Cordova Windshield Replacement Experts

Windshield replacements are usually covered by all automotive insurance companies. But because the cost to replace a windshield is so much higher than repairing it (four to ten times higher), coverage is handled differently for replacement vs. repair. If you’re replacing a windshield, your insurance company will ask you to pay your deductible and they’ll pay for the complete replacement.

However, if you’re repairing the windshield, the deal is a little sweeter. Having recognized that it’s more economical to repair a windshield than replace it, some insurance companies may waive your deductible and pay for the entire repair. This arrangement encourages customers to repair their windshields rather than replace them every time they’re chipped. It also represents a substantial savings to both you and your insurance company over the lifetime of your policy. Not to mention, can also prove to be more earth friendly and less wasteful.

On the other hand, if your windshield is in genuine need of replacement then it would be wise to replace it. A heavily damaged windshield is not only difficult to look through, it’s also unsafe. The structural integrity may have been compromised and could weaken further if it isn’t replaced quickly. Hence why having Rancho Cordova windshield replacement experts carefully examine your windshield is critical. An expert or technician can determine whether a repair will suffice or if it should indeed be replaced. Also, remember to check with your technician to confirm the terms of your coverage before committing to any windshield work.

Go With Windshield Pros North For Complete Satisfaction

Have an auto glass insurance claim? Call Windshield Pros North located not far from Rancho Cordova, California. Don’t forget that our friendly and knowledgeable staff can file your claim for you. We are approved and recommended by most insurance companies to repair or replace your damaged auto glass. Just call with your policy number and we will quickly contact your insurance company to start and finish the process. At Windshield Pros North, we have the Rancho Cordova windshield replacement experts to get you back on the road!

Our Rancho Cordova windshield replacement experts use only the highest quality replacement auto glass and adhesives. Not to mention, stand behind their work with a written lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects or leaks for as long as you own your vehicle. Windshield Pros North can professionally install your windshield, door glass, vent glass, quarter glass, and back glass along with top of the line wiper blades and side view mirrors. So when you need your auto glass fixed, don’t just call anybody! Contact your local Windshield Pros North location and see for yourself how windshield replacement should be done.

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