Use Sacramento Auto Glass Replacement Insurance Coverage to Protect You While You Drive

It can happen at a moment’s notice while you are driving down the highway or on a country road. Without warning, a pebble or piece of debris hits your windshield and causes a chip or crack. The damaging ding could be from a baseball, falling branch or thieves. Regardless of the reason, you now have to use Sacramento auto glass replacement insurance to keep you safe on the road.

Your vehicle is built to provide transportation and to protect you if you are involved in an accident. Repairs to your vehicle is regulated by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. This is to ensure all parts and installation meet safety requirements. This includes replacing or repairing your windshield.

Should You Replace or Repair the Windshield?

For the most part, chips and cracks to a windshield can be repaired. However, this largely depends on:

– location
– size
– type of damage

Hiring the service of a certified auto glass repair technician improves your chances of getting a professional evaluation.

Each incident is assessed based on careful examination of the chip or crack. In general most chips can be repaired if it can be covered with a quarter. Use caution, however, before accepting this as the only determining factor. Some repairable chips can spread to the need for replacement if not addressed promptly.

Location, Size and Type of Damage

The technician will look at a number of factors to provide an estimate that you can give to the Sacramento auto glass replacement insurance. Starting with the location, an auto glass tech will examine the edges of your windshield. Chips or cracks in this area will most likely require replacement.

Size definitely matters when deciding whether to repair or replace the windshield. In addition to the quarter test, covering it with a business card may only require a repair. Looking at the extent of the damage, if the chip or crack penetrates the glass exterior to the interior, replacing the windshield might be necessary.

Professional Standards of a Good Auto Glass Repair Shop

Trusting your vehicle and your personal safety with any auto glass shop that does not follow professional standards is not a risk you should take. You need the security of trained and certified technicians who follow standards set by FMVSS and the manufacturer’s instructions.

With a proven track record of handling Sacramento auto glass replacement insurance repairs, you want to trust Windshield Pros North. We take time to clearly discuss what needs to be done. Our technicians will even travel to repair or replace your windshield onsite. This ensures you never risk your safety driving with a damaged windshield.